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I am in the sky

The Blues are deeper,

The Earth looks rounder,

To share the freedom and the happiness,

I fly these infinite skies,

Diving down and soaring high,

Millions of colors , all around me ,

Lights of the stars are glitters I paste across my life.

I am in the sky .


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Often I walk along the roads,

All alone, lost in my thoughts,

and find them smiling,

At me and at the world,

Carefree, spreading their colors,

Spreading the joy with their fragrance.

Spinkles of color,

Thrown on the ground,

Celebrating the spring in their own way.

©Shalini Kaushik


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Not to think

What is it to not to think,

To not imagine,

To not dream,

To not brood.

If only this would be the way and we could switch off our thoughts,

I would not think of you,

Nor think of home,

Nor think of thoughts..

Wish we could switch our thoughts ON and OFF…

Copyright © Shalini Kaushik

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Young and Confused

Yes, confused is the new term for people living in today’s age.. especially if they don’t happen to live in a society which dictates the terms and when they are used to living life the way they want.

It was always easy for people to live their lives when society decided for you whether you are young enough to dance and prance anywhere and everywhere.. and whether you are old enough to behave all mature and serious. What you wear was alsi decided and anyone wearing anything out of the code was either talked about in hushed whispers or was shunned by all the other women. It was so simple. People knew what was expected and what and how to behave and live. They knew when they are at a certain age they should stop being young.

In today’s world, especially in the world I live, I have my own tastes, my own style and my own society ( the norms to which I dont adhere ) and with so many ways to live life, its really confusing. When I see children grown up but myself still wanting to be a child, what do I do? After all we have only one life to live whatever the age.

It’s a confusing age, where I want to travel and spread my wings at the same time, body doesnt allow everything. I fear if I run, my knees will go bad. If I dont walk or run, my bones will all huddle together and threaten me that they are cozy like this. Hmm.. now this looks really interesting.. I want to go to pubs but then I love my sleep too.. though I do want to jump and dance but my feet restrain me.. I want to listen to loud music all night, but the sound weighs heavy on my eyelids. Did you get my point? This is what makes everything so confusing..

I want all but all says to me “Stop and Think ” .. well, I think I am still young.. and might remain so forever.. these are today’s thoughts.. never know what I might come up with tomorrow.. till than have fun and get back soon..




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The reason of my existence

I have heard lots of expressions from my son and my daughter including I love you, I hate you, I like you and I want you to be with me forever.. but the best one was the latest one.. “Your smell is the reason of of my existence !!!”.. it was a surprise…

I had gone out since morning for some exercising. When I returned back after 2 hours, I was all drenched in sweat.. all smelling and feeling very tired. As soon as I entered all I wanted to do was to lie down and sleep for a while.. of course we all need a nice nap after any form of exercise..

My son saw me and came running.. and shouting ..”Where were you ?” , he started smelling me and said “Oh ! the reason of my existence ”  I was so surprised and wondered whether he had read this expression somewhere.. no he had not.. it was such a genuine statement coming from a ten year old.  “Mom, your smell is what I was missing “..

Made me crumble inside..